pulsFOG K-22 BIO


PulsFOG aerosol generators used in our business can operate in any type of pest control activity, significantly reducing the amount of toxic substances, uniformly spraying the treatment products even in inaccessible places, without leaving undesirable residues on the ground. Warm or cold fog generators (pulsFOG) are ideal for use in greenhouses, forestry, public hygiene, vaccination with aerosols.

PulsFOG aerosol generators are known worldwide as a result of their performance and reliability - they are at the forefront of the technology involving treatment applications for public hygiene, animal welfare or cultures welfare based on aerosols and are designed to meet the most diverse and demanding applications. PulsFOG has a very high mist dispersing rate (20-70 meters).

Features K-10 SP K-10 ST/O K-10 SP-SAN1 K-22 BIO K-22 ST/O2 K-22/10 ST/O K-22/10 BIO2 K-30 ST/O K-30/20 ST/O K-30 BIO2 Small/Large
Dimensions (cm) 106x29x33 129x30x36 130x29x33 132x32x36 132x32x36 132x32x47 151x42x49 151x42x49 151x42x49 151x42x49/ 151x42x49
Weight when empty (kg) 7 8,5 7,6 9,6 11,2 18 42 11 22 (with frame, without the tank) 23/45 (with frame, without the tank)
Capacity of the solution tank (l) 5 9 5 9 2x5 55 PE with manometer 2x55 PE 10 55 PE with manometer 2x55 PE with manometers
Capacity of the gas tank (l) 2 2 2 2 2 10 10 2 20 20
Engine capacity (cm3) 300 300 300 1000 1000 1000 1000 2000 2000 2000
Maximum engine power (kW/HP/kcalh) 17,5/24,1/ 15300 17,5/24,1/ 15300 17,5/24,1/ 15300 37,4/50,8/ 32200 37,4/50,8/ 32200 37,4/50,8/ 32200 37,4/50,8/ 32200 75/101,6/ 64400 75/101,6/ 64400 75/101,6/ 64400
Maximum fuel consumption (l/h) 1,9 1,5-1,9 1,9 3,8 3,8 4 4 8 8 8
Flow depending on the nozzle used (l/h) 12-25 12-30 10-15 25-60 25-60 10-75 30-120 30-120 30-120 30-190
Standard debit (l/h) - - - - - - 90 90 90 90
Droplets spectrum depending on the viscosity of the oil and on the size of the nozzle used - < 25 microns (oil)
- < 60 microns (oil/water)
- < 100 microns (water)
Ignition Electronic, generated by 4 1.5 V batteries
Start-up manual pump
Safety system automatic valve for stopping the solution injection


it is a portable cold aerosol generator, electrically operated. The powerful turbine creates a powerful current of warm air. The solution to be applied is converted into very fine adjustable aerosols due to the effect created by the injection nozzle patented for applying aerosols.

  • Simple operation, with no interruptions or failures
  • Very high mobility due to its small size, light weight and flexible application tube
  • Permanent control of the solution tank level due to the transparent tank provided with a level gauge
  • Double anti-droplet protection
  • No droplet diameter variations
  • No risk of clogging of the nozzles when applying wettable powder suspensions
  • Very powerful aerosol generator with very high angular coverage
  • Delivery in a plastic box for storage and transport, 5m power cable, spare filter and shoulder strap.

TURBOFOGGER is approved for the application of phytosanitary treatments and aerosol vaccination. It is recommended in treatments against pests in warehouses, public hygiene, antibacterial disinfection and odor removal.



it is a portable cold aerosol generator, electrically operated. The high performance turbine develops a powerful jet of hot air of up to 50 l/s. The biocidal product is automated in very fine aerosol droplets with sizes of about 10-100 μm depending on the flow and on the nozzle size. The very fine adjustment of the flow is provided by the interchangeable nozzles.

  • Simple operation
  • High mobility due to its small size, low weight and extendable tube
  • Easily removable solution tank
  • Uniform aerosol droplets
  • Wettable powder suspensions may be used without clogging the nozzles

1. It is especially designed to combat pests in soil or drains. The bent pipe allows access via drain openings and provides the distribution of the fog over long distances due to the continuous air flow.

2. Applying heat sensitive biological products; applying wettable powder suspensions without the risk of clogged nozzles or deposits on the resonating tube; eliminating the risk of ignition when applying flammable liquids. It is provided with a control panel with manometers.